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July 22, 2007

The Police @ Citizens Bank Park - Philadelphia, 7/19

It was their first Philly performance since 1983.  Reunited for this world tour, the new wave musicians are in top form.  For those in the nosebleeds at Citizens Bank Park, yes, The Police were barely visible, but for those up close, the massive screens and blinding light show nearly outshined the veteran rockers themselves. Still there is nothing quite like seeing living legends perform their classics!  I was in awe the whole time.  Yea some of it sounded dated, but that’s because their last album came out almost 25 years ago.  However long it’s been, the hall of fame trio displayed career spanning musical genius in genre mixing, and focused their energy on slamming musical and vocal performances rather than onstage theatrics.  Sometimes it felt nearly as though you were peaking on a studio session in front of 40,000 spectators.  The band’s chemistry was electric and it was hard to ignore the reserved intensity of Sting’s onstage persona.  All of this in row 15 center, a once in a lifetime experience… And The Police’s hardcore adult fans adore them beyond measure—all it takes is a few doo doo doos and da da das to excite them out of their minds.  Blame the nostalgia…



Every thing she does is magic, especially when the climactic chorus of her song brings an already standing crowd to wave their hands and dance like this.  Fun moment that goes to show the new cats what old school musicality can still do in 2007.


Full to capacity.  The storm clouds threatened to rain on this parade but they didn't!  I kept my umbrella hidden in some bush outside lol.  I can't believe it was still there, or better yet that I remembered where I put it.


Sting didn’t want the energy to go anywhere, saying "Philadelphia, I wan't to hear some noise from you, you’re one of America’s greatest cities...f***ing loud!"  That’s the spirit.


The show was highlighted by "Every Breath You Take."


Fans say goodbye to The Police after their encore performance in this pic.  This show was an over the top experience and somewhat surreal.  What can I say but that the music rocked?!

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wish you were a little closer to get a shot of sting's hot biceps!!!!!!!!! he is too hot. the lighting was really great in these pictures!

Jon Pierre

Yea, I wish I was closer too, but the venue security was really strict about staying in your seat lol. I'm still pleased with how the pics came out though cuz I caught some nice moments with the lights and all.


Awesome recap! The pics are really awesome too. What an incredible experience!


Awesome recap! The pics are really awesome too. What an incredible experience!


Awesome recap! The pics are really awesome too. What an incredible experience!


All I got to say is "RO-OXANNE, you don't have to put on the red light". Thats one of my favorite songs. I remember when Pras from the Fugees remade it back in '98. I'm probably the only person who remembers that. lol Anyway that and "Every breath you take" are definitely classics. I only wish more hip hop groups could do big tours like this too.

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