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July 16, 2007

Vains of Jenna, Ratt & Poison: My 80's roots Haven't Grown Out

Vains of Jenna, Ratt, and Poison 07-11-07 Snowden Grove in Southhaven, MS
The short story is that I got stuck in traffic, lost in Mississippi (thanks, Jered) , and I was seriously late. For those that know me, YES I LEFT ON TIME! My friend Lisa gave a raving opinion of Vains of Jenna's thirty minute set.

I got to hear the last few Ratt songs. I recall hearing "Way Cool Jr.," "Round and Round," and
"Lay it Down." Thank goodness they played some of my Faves! While Pearcy was awesome at engaging the audience and all songs were executed well by all musicians, I felt that they didn't seem "on." Maybe it was the
humidity and heat? It certainly takes a toll on us natives...

Poison came on next, the audience vibe increased as the guitar techs tuned and the stacks of speakers were assembled. Let me just say...Poison rocked! I will never ever miss another show that comes near Memphis. It was loud (my ears are still recovering) and I forgot my traffic/poor direction worries and rocked it out. Lisa (my six foot tall and amazingly strong friend) even put me on her shoulders!!! She totally understands the plight of her shorter friends. I could see everything instead of all of the big bangs and distressed cowboy hats.
What a great show! I believe this will be going into my record book of favorite shows ever.

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no one had as much fun as us at this show! my boy C.C. still has it, my friend Cindy's boy Rikki still has it and for those fans of Bret... he had on the cutest jeans ever!


Better late than NEVER! Rock on!!! Jenna!!

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