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August 16, 2007

8/10 - Good Charlotte and Justin Timberlake in Boston

Good Charlotte and Justin Timberlake might sound like an odd combination of artists to tour together, but after seeing the show, it definately worked. Good Charlotte played a lot of songs off their new album "Good Morning Revival" which has a lighter, almost dance-y sound which went over well with the Justin Timberlake fans.  I did notice a lot of Good Charlotte fans there as well. The band played for about 45 minutes and sounded phenomenal. I have seen them play in smaller clubs and they sounded even better in a large venue.  During their set, I even got to stand next to lead singer Joel Madden's girlfriend Nicole Richie! I would have liked to see them play more songs from their older albums, but I quite enjoyed their performances of new songs like "Dance Floor Anthem" and "Broken Hearts Parade", both of which are rumored to be written about Hilary Duff. I would highly reccomend anyone to check out this band.


Justin Timberlake is a great performer. He opened up with FutureSex/LoveSounds, the title track from his new album. He has great energy, great dance moves, and a great voice. There were a few too many interludes between songs however, and a pretty long intermission.  He played all of his hits including "My Love" and "Like I Love You". I wish he had gone back and sang a little NSync though. The massive crowd went crazy when he closed the show with SexyBack.


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such an interesting combination. i'm totally jealous you got to stand next to nicole though!

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