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August 23, 2007

8/15: Disco Biscuits @ McCarren Park Pool, Bklyn, NY

If anyone's putting a new spin on the jam band world, it's the Disco Biscuits. Even though these guys are now beginning their 2nd decade as a huge staple in the jam band community...emerging from the University of Pennsylvania party scene in the  mid-'90s...their mix of improv jazz with the electronic sounds reminiscent of the rave culture is definitely something to get used to. Dubbed as "trance-fusion," the Biscuits' music is, to be quite honest, a little weird. It's got lots of smooth free-form rhythms to help you get your groove on, but at the same time blends in harder, more psychedelic and often hypnotic beats that seem better suited for an acid-induced laser light show than a hippied-out fest of peace, love and harmony. But, that's just me...because based on the crowd in McCarren Park, as well as their tons of other sold out shows, the Biscuits' innovative sound has defintiely found itself a loyal fan base.


Once the Biscuits started their set, I quickly realized why they were scheduled to go on later in the night, after Umphrey's McGee...lights, lights and more lights. The trippy irridescent strobes of red, green, blue and purple obviously wouldn't have worked until the night sky grew dark, and they made for the perfect backdrop for the Biscuits' unique blend of electronica jam. With no other stage or venue lights interfering, technicolored flashes shot out and jumped across the stage in sync with the beats of the band.



Though a bit too techno for me...I like my jams and little more mellow and perhaps unsynthesized...the crowd in the Pool was loving it, especially when the band opened up their set with a cover of the 80's classic "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.


Set I: The Safety Dance, Trucker's Choice, Spaga > Abraxas > Spaga, Onamae Wa, Crickets, Highwire, I Remember When

Encore: Termites, I Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones)


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Definitely heavy on the electronics but they know how to jam. A good unique sound. Interesting mix of people plus i've never had pieroghi's at a concert. Mmmm.


As a newbie to the current music scene, I really dig hearing about these bands you're covering. You totally inspire me to check them out! Especially the Disco Biscuits! The name alone is worth the price of admission. :) And the pics of their show are absolutely AWESOME! Thanks for giving some history on the Biscuits and covering their concert at McCarren Park Pool so expertly. ROCK ON!!!!


great review!


Sounds trippy. Nice review.

Jack L.

Reading the review helped me get my "groove back on" for the jam band sound. As the parent of a Phish Head and an old semi-Dead Head myself, I miss the sound - thanks for reviving the spirit.

David Eisen

That was some really good stuff on the 15th. That was sweet, I sat there and I was just amazed by how sweet D.U.M.B. is.

Reid E.

Looks like a fun show!


Sounds great! I need to get out more!!


Great review. I need to listen to this innovative sound!

Megan Ross

Another group I need to check out. Thank you so much for introducing me to such quirky bands that I would not have known about if it weren't for your summer of concerts!!


i really trust what you have to say, so now i'll be checking these guys out. great review, les!

Michael R

Sounds like something I might have enjoyed way back when. Thanks for renuing the memories.

Marian Eve

You have reviewed these concerts with incredible passion and style, and this one is no different.What talent and style. I am so proud of you, and I just have that feeling that you will be #1 in this contest.


I've never heard of this band but that was another great review! What a summer!


I've never listened to any of their material live. Good write up though.



You never cease to amaze me. Your talents are endless, and you musical passion
is contagious. You are deginitely a winner. Keep enjoying. Love, Little Bear


Dear Leslie,
I don't know who I am, but you do.I've learned a new language this summer thanks to you. Where Little Bear goes, Big Bear follows. The reviews are fabulous, and the photos are incredible.
Love, Big Bear


Did you always know that you had all these wonderful words inside you? Incredible that you have maintained your energy and enthusiasm ALL summer !!! Variety really IS the spice of life, eh? ;-) All your reviews, put together..would make a sweet "coffee table top book" ... are you with me on this?

Joyce Nicotera

Still love reading your reviews - even of bands that are 'a little weird'.
Good stuff.

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