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August 10, 2007

8/4-8/5: DMB in Hartford, Ct.

So if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’m a bit of a DMB fan, and over the years I’ve been to just a few shows ;-). Sifting through my old stubs (because of course who doesn’t keep them) it looks like the first time I was at the Meadows Music Theater (as it was called back then) in good ‘ole Hartford, Ct. was August 1, 1998. The price of my tix was $29.00 and my seat was section 800, row KK, seat 825. 9 years and a little inflation later, I’ve gone from pretty much the last row in the pavilion to the press pit. Not bad, I tell ya! I know lots of people moan and groan about this little venue in downtown Hartford…the crowds, the crazy parking lots (yup, been a victim of some smashed car windows myself…well, not my car, but I will protect the name of the innocent), etc., swearing they’ll never go back. Friends who I’ve gone up there with in the past look at me like I’m crazy for continuing to make the trip. Bottom line, if DMB is within driving distance, I’m going! And truth be told, once you get passed the mayhem outside the venue and are hopefully not sitting next to a puker or screecher, you’ll realize that the acoustics alone make it one of the best amphitheaters on the northeast coast, and I’ve seen some really stand-out shows there over the years. Lucky for me, Billboard was able to indulge me one last time with a press pass for my favorite band…whoohoo!!


I'm just going to keep telling myself that he's smiling at me.


Ok, so really what more can I say about how incredible I think these guys are?? Wellllll……probably a lot, but I’ll try to spare you the repetition of my praises. With the exception of mentioning a few highlights, this time I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking. Hopefully I’ve managed to turn some of you naysayers onto DMB and/or motivated some of you “I’ve outgrown them” ex-fans to dust off your old discs. And for my family members who still question how one night can possibly be different from the next, hopefully I’ve somewhat convinced you that seeing a gazillion DMB shows is really not the same as watching the same movie over and over…and over again. For the rest of you tried and true fans like myself, hopefully I’ve done the guys justice and helped get you excited for your own hometown shows! Is it too greedy of me to say that I’m jealous of all you west coasters!?!?


So here we go…just a few highlights that perhaps haven’t been mentioned from other shows, and then I promise I’ll shut up. UGH, so hard to limit!  N1:  Loved the “Best of What’s Around” (a.k.a. BOWA) opener! Haven’t heard it in a while, and it always sets the mood for a happy, fun-loving show. Plus, one of my favorite DMB lines is in there:  “Turns out not where but who you’re with that really matters.” Words to live by! “Hunger For The Great Light” is one of my favorites, especially the ending when Dave really gets into it and then whips around when it’s over to give Carter a fist pump. Just shows how much effort and energy these guys put into the shows. “#41” is always amazing!


N2:  Xavier Rudd on “Bartender” was great, and then “Dancing Nancies” into “Warehouse” is always a favorite of mine. I wasn’t initially a fan of the “woo’s” but when you see how happy Stefan gets leading the crowd it’s impossible not to join in. The obvious highlight, at least for me, was “American Baby Intro” into “Watchtower.” I mean, to say Dave can yell and somehow make it sound beautiful is an understatement!



Can’t not give huge props to my go-to concert buddy Betsy, who has proven over the past week that she has not only mastered the northeast public transportation system but that she will take bus, train or whatever all in the name of DMB. Oh, and that she WILL find me whether it be within a hoard of fans or random parking lots outside the venues. That drumstick was well deserved, my friend! Vic and Tommy…you’re the best!

Enjoy the pics!!














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Margie v

WOW, great pictures and review. You are going to have a difficult reentry period when you go back to the real world!!!!!!!!!


Excellent pics! Just saw DMB in Bristow, VA. Great venue, except for the line of cars to get in and out. Ended up missing Toots and the Maytals. Anyway, love the stage setting this tour.


yeah...what an amazing show - front row! 2 nights! so much fun!!!!! and as you said - so jealous of the westcoasters!!!

Reid E.

Thanks for being a great seatmate at SPAC! Will we see reviews for Bristow/SPAC??


Great Post as usual Leslie! I was only in Harftord for 1 night but it was a great show none the less. Love the pics!


Well...seems like I didn't get the note about your blog until today so I am going backwards to check out all your post. I love DMB! Hartford is always a great venue.


were you not at the Palace in Albany in 1995-1996?


Great review Leslie and I am oh so jealous!
Keep sharing your views and reviews with us!

Adam Sage

Your pictures get me pumped for my 2nd time front row at Blossom... I thought Pittsburgh was the beginning of my summer...I take that back, front row is!

Joyce Nicotera

What a really great review! Especially of the venue. I've become rather horrified that this is my home venue; but you're right ... I just go right on in because the scene outside is fairly obscene. lol
(SO regretting not making Deer Creek for what may certainly be the last show there.)
Also, because of your review, Suzanne and I made sure we caught Xavier Rudd. Thanks for the tip! I am especially enjoying listening to the songs he sat in on from Hartford, at least. :)

Georgia Reid

WOW what a great night. I can't believe how close you were! And DM is looking right at you. Cool.


I was able to catch the past two DMB in Indianapolis... always amazing shows. Good to read your blog.



great pics!!
thanks for keeping us updated!


This summer project has great perks for you! What an amazing review and photos...


This summer project has great perks for you! What an amazing review and photos...

Reid E.

Just saw your WH ticket pictured on DMB Almanac. Cool.

Reid E.

And just saw your photo on the DMB Roadpage website! Extra cool.


Oh my gosh, Leslie! INCREDIBLE PICS!!!! Makes me feel like I was there and definitely makes me WISH I was there! So awesome! And I love the pic of the set list. So cool. ROCK ON!!!

Howard Meiner

Catching up on your travels...I had a very busy August. A terrific one; like your continuing blogs.

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