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August 19, 2007

Andrew Diamond / Prezident Brown / World Beat Center - 8/17/2007

Friday night in San Diego, found me in Balboa Park at the World Beat Center. Not my usual spot on a Friday night, but this Friday was different. To fully understand what brought me out tonight, I have to give you faithful readers a little bit of my history. Many many, many ears ago there was a band based here in San Diego called the Cardiff Reefers, and I used to go see them a lot. A ton of shows in at least three states, and I had become friends with the guys and even ended up traveling with the band for a while and helping carry the heavy shit in and out of gigs. One of the biggest changes in the history of the Cardiff Reefers was the change of drummers. Both drummers were named Andrew, and it was the second drummer that brings me to Fridays show.


Friday, August 17th, the WorldBeat Cultural Center presented 17th annual Marcus Garvey Day Celebration Featuring Prezident Brown, Andrew Diamond and Messenjah Selah. I had the fortunate experience to run back into Andrew (old Cardiff Reefer Drummer) Diamond on MySpace. After getting back in touch with Andrew, I found out he was going to be in San Diego and I was on the guest list.

I got to the venue a little late to see all the opening bands, but did manage to catch the end of Messenjah Selah's set.


Then it was time for Andrew Diamond and it was great to see my old friend front and center on vocals instead of behind the drum set. Those years he spent in Jamaica had really paid off. Great vocal and a smart lyrics. I especially recommend checking out the song "My Radio". My favorite tune on the album is " Run Around". This was actually a song I first heard with the Cardiff Reefers and it brings back a lot of great memories.


Then it was time for Prezident Brown. Since this was the first time I had seen Prezident Brown, and I had no idea what I was in for. What I found was a roots style reggae that had the place up and dancing. The prez knows his stuff and the crowd was having a great time.


All in all it was great night for me, getting to see an old friend, a roots style reggae show and not having to worry about photo passes or tickets. What a great way to start a weekend.

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Reading this makes me bummed I wasn't there. Great shots and sounds like a great show.


How do I find out where Prezident Brown will appear in future tour dates?

Andrew Diamond

Hey Valerie,

Right now the best way to keep up with us (Andrew Diamond and Prezident Brown) is to keep an eye on our myspace pages: www.myspace.com/andrewdiamond and www.myspace.com/prezidentbrown.

We hope to be back in San Deigo in February of 08.


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Right now the best way to keep up with us (Andrew Diamond and Prezident Brown) is to keep an eye on our myspace pages: www.myspace.com/andrewdiamond and www.myspace.com/prezidentbrown.

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