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August 15, 2007

Beyonce at Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, 8/10


The Beyoncé Experience is an extraordinary one.  If you do not yet know what a Beyoncé experience is when you step into this superstar's world, brace yourself!  Even the slightest of fans will have the time of their life here, probably leave with a sore throat, and maybe twist their ankle in the process…  Beyoncé was a strikingly beautiful image when she emerged in a sparkling dress with her hands lifted up something like Diana Ross, blinding sparks falling behind her.  After her royal intro, the show had a deafening opening with ‘Crazy in Love,’ the smash hit that B used to always close her show with.  That was definitely an indicator of all the excitement to come.  On this latest arena world tour, Beyoncé is confirming that she is an exceptional live entertainer, even for a mega star.  She puts it down vocally and dancewise everywhere she goes with genuine energy, delighting countless fans.  This night at Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center is no different.

It was actually a special night for B since many of her family and friends were in the house:  Patti Labelle, looking radiant, got a queen’s welcome by the crowd, as did Tyra Banks and hometown rapper Freeway.  Matthew Knowles was there as well, making his rounds with fans before the show and expressing how proud he was of B.  Rumor had it that Mr. Knowles also announced to a radio station that Destiny’s Child would be reuniting – to sing in Spanish with B's sister joining! (Allegedly).

Anyhow, as the hits kept coming, this consummate performer barely broke a sweat... Segment after segment, the audience was able to find something unique to identify: be it the ground-shaking party that is 'Get Me Bodied,' the sensual 'Speechless,' or the emotional 'Flaws & All,' Miss B. can connect with a crowd. [more of my review below]


Compared to her previous tours (I've seen the last two) this one leans toward a slightly more mature musical experience.  Namely, Beyonce’s publicized ten-piece female band.  All I can say is believe the hype.  More than once, they are given a shot to steal the show – and they do. Beyonce’s other progression on this tour is her experimentation with songs, like when 'Dangerously In Love' becomes Jill Scott’s 'He Loves Me' (her crowning vocal moment), 'Bills Bills Bills' gets chopped & screwed, or when she closes with an acoustic 'Irreplaceable.'  At this point in her career she’s not focused on ‘selling’ her latest single to an audience, but putting on a varied and interesting performance.  That was very cool to experience from her.

As far as that pic, I almost died when B smiled at me!  I’m pretty sure she was singing to me right there.  I don’t know how these pics came out right because it was kinda hard to focus with an international idol staring at me... I guess I work pretty well under pressure ;-)


One of my favorite parts of the show was an exotic medley of Beyonce's hits 'Baby Boy,' 'Beautiful Liar,' and 'Naughty Girl.'  The slithering dance moves were almost too much to handle – a 1, 2, 3 punch of wining and belly dancing that came together flawlessly.


The empowerment anthem 'Survivor' was the definite highlight of an extensive Destiny's Child medley.  It seemed like B touched on every significant hit the supergroup has had.  Mid way through the set, this was a great trip down memory lane for fans like me, but still pretty awkward to perform them at this length without the other Children on stage.  To ease the tension, B encouraged crowd participation.


OMG... I nearly fell over when I heard the opening bars of 'Speechless,' a sensuous album cut from Dangerously in Love that I thought I would never hear performed live again.  Sitting on a plush red chair shaped like lips, Beyonce serenaded me, I mean, the crowd with her ballad about waiting all day for that one and only.  It was a 'grown folks' moment with a great vocal crescendo to match.  All I can say is yes!

'Flaws & All' is a song from the re-release of B'Day that showed a matured side as she performed it.  'I'm a trainwreck in the morning / I'm a bitch in the afternoon' she sang.  It was more than a 'slow things down ballad' because it was heartfelt - kind of a poignant and confessional moment.  I'm glad it was included.



Seeing Beyonce emerge as a robot and perform 'Get Me Bodied' at this year's BET Awards was one thing, but seeing and hearing that rendition in concert caused the ground beneath to straight-up shake.  The band spiced up the nearly a capella song with jazzed up instrumentation for the live version.  All the dance moves of the extented mix were intact too - picture 15,000 people trying to do the scissor legs and busting out into 'an old school dance.'  This is where you feel Beyonce's aggressive vocal style deep in your gut, compelling you to move your body, clap your hands and even do the 'uh-oh' if you have to.  It was the most anticipated, fun and climactic moment of the show:




With 'Listen' Beyonce followed a slideshow of her captivating stills from Dreamgirls.  She brought some classy Broadway elements to the show with this segment.



To the left, to the left...thousands of people motioning to the left.  It was a true superstar moment when Beyonce told the crowd about her favorite part of her show... when she let's the audience sing her hit 'Irreplaceable' to her.  It's not hard to see why it's so special for Beyonce.  After two hours of singing and dancing her heart out, she give fans a chance to return the favor.  It was a memorable closing moment - you felt that electricity in the crowd.  And shout out to my friend Kaliyma for telling me it was my 'other' left lol.

In closing Beyonce gave it up for the magnificant band and singers, the dancers took a bow, and B gave an encore performance of, uhm, 'Happy Birthday' for the Birthday people, and oh yea, in commemoration of her latest album B'Day.  It was a lively show where the star took some risks, showed growth and put on an all-around performance of a legend in the making.



Quite the experience!

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This show was the bomb... so great! i'm lovin how you had enought composure to take pics... So you saw Miss Patti? She is wonderful. Cool that so many people came out to the Philly show, nice pics too. I'm pretty sure Beyonce was singing to you there...you're lucky!

Becky C

What a great time! You've been to two already (so this makes three)? Wow. I haven't seen her yet, but I hear she's fantastic live and reading your blog seems to be proof. Thanks for the update!!


This was a great review. I have been reading so many of them, i can honestly say i am her biggest fan. I JUST BOUGHT MY TICKET LAST WEEK!
She will be in Chicago this Saturday. I can't wait!


This has to be your 10th Beyonce concert in the past 3 years. lol I don't blame you cause she looks so good on tv so I can only imagine how she looks in person. Great review of the concert, I'll have to make it to one of her shows one day. Why don't you ever take me!


i've seen B three times! lol Once with destiny's child... Beyonce gets better and better with time


B is my icon. There is no other entertainer male or female that can top her. The show was excellant tears streamed from my eyes like a proud parent. Beyonce will never be frowned upon in my eyes, that girl is literally at the top of her game. I love B!!!!


Allena, you were at the Philly show too? I wonder which part made you cry... was it Ring the Alarm? j/k! prob Listen

Manda Gurl

OMG! I saw Beyonce at Madison Square Garden I so lost my voice... tyhe show was phenomenal and full of life... it was truly an experince... A Beyoonce Experience. hehe


Lordyme, Lorymy... that woman is surely a queen in her own right... if missed the show. just roll over and cry cuz u missed the concert of the year! At least you have a bomb a** review to read. LMAO!


great work!

Samantha Mays

Ok so this makes your 100th concert already. I see it's fun to be a member of the Beyonce University. But the concert seemed to be spectacular as always. and job with the pix on your verizon LG envy teleophono.


i wonder what it takes to get a degree from beyonce university... maybe whoever does the best uh-oh. or actually just having the best stage performance. And you're right! that LG envy is a gr8 telephono lol


These pictures are fantastic! I feel like I'm there!


I didn't know you went to the Beyonce concert!
I'm so jealous, Beyonce never dissapoints.

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