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August 28, 2007

Hilary Duff @ Radio City Music Hall, NYC 8/27

I arrived at Hilary's concert seeing throngs of young fans chanting her name. As soon as she hit the stage she had everyone in a trance. She looked just as glam as she does on tv and in mags. Her dancers were on point and the choreography was executed perfectly. The crowd sang along to her hits such as "Come Clean" and even vibed with the new songs from her latest album. She didn't go too far out there with her lyrics or movements but she still showed why she is one of the reigning princesses of pop. The screams speak for themselves.

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Okay . . . I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of Hillary Duff, but I want to know more.


hilary duff!! shit i missed her? lol.. how was it? :\


Thats awesome!
I went to her concert in Canada and it was amazingggg.


Like O M G! i like so love her! thats awesome that u went.


Like O M G! i like so love her! thats awesome that u went.


OMG it's like Lizzie McGuire all grown-up...she's like totally radical.


Not a big fan, but sounds interesting.....

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