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August 30, 2007

The Click Five @ Radio City Music Hall - 8/27, New York

So, I've really enjoyed covering shows all summer long but I have to say, The Click Five at Radio City was probably the one I was looking forward to most.  I really wasn't sure what to expect when I got there but I guess I should have known it would be a crowd of tween girls and their parents.  I felt out of place but I didn't care because I love The Click Five and their new album.  I couldn't wait to see the show, especially since it is the first tour since their new singer, Kyle Patrick, joined the band.


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August 29, 2007

Yonder Mountain String Band's Northwest String Summit 8/24-6

The Northwest String Summit is virtually Yonder Mountain String Band's summer camp spectacular. For three nights, bluegrass fans from around the country gathered in the beautiful Oregon countryside to dance and celebrate the best in bluegrass.
The Yonder boys played three nights of music that inspired their hard core fans. Y.M.S.B. may have headlined all 3 nights, but they were not alone. The New Riders of the Purple Sage may have held the surprise of the weekend, by inviting original member Buddy Cage on stage for a few tunes. It was an incredibly touching moment. Two other guests that helped make some musical magic were Drew Emmitt of Leftover Salmon fame and Tony Trischka, who each hosted their own set, and sat in picking all over the campground from the main stage to the famed Sunday barbeque. A major highlight of the weekend for me was the super jam hosted by Drew Emmitt. At times there were more than 15 people playing music, and the audience was extatic throughout.Yondermountainstringbandgershuny

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Crowded House / Liam Finn / 16 Frames - Humphrey's by the Bay - San Diego - 8/24/07

Friday night found me back at Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay for another great outdoor show in perfect San Diego weather. This time it was for Crowed House. A buddy had an extra ticket and I just couldn't turn down the show. 0824072044

Crowded House is the pop band formed in the mid 80's and led by New Zealand musician and singer-songwriter Neil Finn. And after a lot of changes and having to overcome the suicide of the original drummer Paul Hester, Crowed House has reunited to tour this summer. The current lineup is Liam Finn, Mark Hart, Neil Finn, Matt Sherrod and Nick Seymour.

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August 29, 2007

8/24: Greg Mayo & The Groove @ The Bitter End, NYC

Throughout this awesome stint as a wanna be music journalist (by far one of the best summer’s to date…thank you again Billboard), us bloggers have had the privilege of seeing (and hearing) some of the greatest live acts on today’s concert circuit. Wanting to hit up as many big names as possible, it’s easy to forget that some of the best live music is often that which is yet to be discovered by major record labels and concert promoters. Before my days of befriending security guards and unfairly weaseling my way in front of thousands of other screaming fans (being 5’ does have it’s advantages), my favorite Friday or Saturday nights were spent roaming (ok, stumbling) through NYC’s own Greenwich Village in search of some great live music. So, with no official Billboard assignment on the schedule for the week, I pouted long enough to convince my hubby (who’s been the ultimate co-concert trooper this summer) to go on a hunt for live music with me…after his rather sweaty softball game and before his post-game shower…like I said…trooper. As it's always bustling downtown on Friday night, we ventured back to Bleecker Street in the hopes of finding at least one blog-worthy band. Not so tough when you've got the Bitter End in your backyard! Oh how times have changed! Sipping Shiraz instead of guzzling G & T’s and replacing otherwise unmentioned hand held objects with pen and paper (gotta keep it clean for the ‘rents), we strategically positioned ourselves front and center in no other than “New York’s Oldest Rock Club”…The Bitter End www.bitterend.com. If it was good enough for the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Wonder (just to name a few), then it’s good enough for this Mobile Beat Blogger. If legends like that got started there, and now I’m reporting from there…hmmmmm…could this be the start of…ok, I digress (and clearly daydream). The Bitter End, with its intimate nightclub ambiance and red brick walls, is not only a NYC Landmark (literally…it earned the title on 7/23/92) but a cornerstone in the world of American music at large.


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G. Love & Special Sauce & Slightly Stoopid: Bank of America Pavilion, Boston 8.22.07

Boston. I arrived at the Bank of America Pavilion during Slightly Stoopid’s set, and it didn’t take me long to figure out that the “Summer Haze Tour” was appropriately named. When the band wasn’t encouraging the wild crowd to get high, they were bringing out their unique blend of reggae mixed with a little ska influences and a few touches of classic rock guitar. All the members of Slightly Stoopid were showing love in their customized Red Sox and Patriots jerseys.


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August 28, 2007

Joss Stone with Raphael Saadiq at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. August 27, 2007.

The first time I saw Joss Stone, I thought she looked and sounded like the naughty (I think that is the first time I've ever said that word) version of Kelly Clarkson. Since making that first impression on me years ago, I came to realize that despite her age and absolutely stunning physical appearance (Joss, "you're hot, dude..." Words of wisdom courtesy of Jen from The Real World: Denver), Joss Stone is much more of an R&B/Soul artist than a pop music princess, to the point that I'd almost call her the anti-teeny bopper. While many males relish in bashing my music taste that is most easily defined as "music your little sister would like," not a single person had anything negative to say about me attending the 20 year old's show on Monday night. On a night where I finally discovered how to use the brightness settings on my enV correctly and took by far the hottest pictures (HOT!!) I have taken all summer, I became another of the many who kept professing to me, "Joss Stone is legit...and she's really hot."


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Hilary Duff @ Radio City Music Hall, NYC 8/27

I arrived at Hilary's concert seeing throngs of young fans chanting her name. As soon as she hit the stage she had everyone in a trance. She looked just as glam as she does on tv and in mags. Her dancers were on point and the choreography was executed perfectly. The crowd sang along to her hits such as "Come Clean" and even vibed with the new songs from her latest album. She didn't go too far out there with her lyrics or movements but she still showed why she is one of the reigning princesses of pop. The screams speak for themselves.

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August 27, 2007

You, Me, & Iowa: Safari Sam's, Hollywood, CA 8.24.07

Over the course of the summer writing for the LG Billboard Mobile Beat, I was reminded of how vast the music scene is in Los Angeles.  Yet, I had not taken the chance to fully explore yet. Enter You, Me, & Iowa.


Discovered from my other job moderating for interactive text and music video request show Havoc on the 101, You, Me, & Iowa’s video for “The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful” quickly became popular, being a regularly requested vide on the show and garnering new fans around the country.  When I heard they were performing at Safari Sam’s, I had to jump at the chance.

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Daft Punk/The Rapture 7/31/2007 Red Rocks Morrison, CO

Robot Rockers Daft Punk

As I Parked at Red Rocks I noticed all the fans dressed in colorful outfits and costumes. I wasn't sure what to expect from the concert but I kinda remembered a couple of Daft Punk's songs and had photographed the Rapture a couple of years ago and knew that they were good.

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Warped Tour; Marysville, CA; 8.23.07

Warped Tour's date in Mountain View back in early July was the first show I officially covered for Billboard, so my review for this one in Sacramento that I attended on my own accord won't be too long lest it gets repetitive. What I dread about Warped hitting my neck of the woods, especially if it's in late August, is that it is painfully hot. Though I've gotten through it okay in years past, this time it didn't go so well: upon getting home I spent twelve straight hours vomiting, had a fever, was sunburnt, and lost 7lbs in less than half a day because of dehydration. Fun!

In any case, while that dampered the experience a bit in retrospect, the line-up that Warped brings usually has at least a couple bands I really love that make up for things like this.

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