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August 02, 2007

Kacie Sheik @ Symphony Space/Unwined – 7/26, New York

I’ve been trying to catch one of Kacie Sheik’s shows for months now, they always seem to be in the middle of the week when work is busiest for me.  Anyway, I finally got to catch her at Symphony Space’s Unwined event.  I really enjoy acoustic sets, they feel more personal and the artist’s talent becomes so much more apparent when it is just them and a guitarist.


I got a demo cd with the songs she performed throughout the night.  It was funny because she said she is used to playing with her band and cause it was such an intimate setting, she didn’t want to scare us by singing too loudly.  It was a really great set though. She explained some of the lyrics in her songs, including a Grease (yes, the musical) reference.  She had funny little stories to tell in between songs. At the end of the set, she played two of the songs and played the guitar herself.  She also did an awesome cover of The Plain White Ts’ Hey There Delilah.  I don’t think she’ll be doing anymore shows in NY for the remainder of the summer.  I can’t wait until the fall so I can see her again, next time with her band!

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is the cover for hey there delilah on the cd? i want to hear it!

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