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August 19, 2007

Lollapalooza Day 2 @ Chicago, IL 8/4

white day 1 at lolla was an eventful and fun day, day 2 for me was a little different. instead of taking in all the amazing bands that they had on saturday, i had to play in a softball tournament. not only did i not win the softball tournament, we took 2nd :( , but i also missed some of my favorite bands that were playing. im so mad that let me just tell you the bands that i missed: silverchair, the roots, regina spektor, and motion city soundtrack. not only did i miss those bands, but i also had a lolla lounge pass this day. now if you guys don't know what the lolla lounge is, its these little fenced areas around the at&t stage and the bud light stage that has free food, BEER, WINE, VODKA, water, and vitaminwater.

after all this complaining, if you guys made it this far i will proceed to tell you about the day 2 i got to see. i only got to see two bands this day, the yeah yeah yeahs and the muse. now even though i only saw two bands this was a good experience still. a band i was really excited to see going into this was the yeah yeah yeahs. after rolling stone considered them one of the greatest live bands that exsits right now, i knew i was in for something good. while wathcing their set, the whole time i was just thinking that karen o has a rockstar persona about her. she was wearing latex on a hot and muggy saturday and was just strutting what she had. she was drinking beers and chasing it with water. she also brought out the all so famous white cape that she wears when she performs. this is something that is missing with music these days, is the "rockstar" persona and if everyone performed and acted like her, the rock and roll era might come back. during their set they played all their hits off show your bones and fever to tell and the crowd ate it all up.

after i was done watching the yeah yeah yeahs, i went to watch the muse at the lolla lounge. now i never listened to the muse, but i enjoyed thier set. sure i don't know what songs they played and how it lives up to their cd, but their set sounded very good. the lead singer was just an amazing musician, playing guitar on some songs and piano on others, during thier set. the turn out for this set was quite good, but probably didn't live up to what it could have been because interpol was playing at the same time. all in all this was a good day even after missing some amazing bands that i really wanted to see.

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You got to go to Chicago? Pretty cool.

Gene Han

ya, thats y i love this contest!!

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