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August 22, 2007

Matt Nathanson: Copley Square, Boston MA 8.16.07

Matt Nathanson has been one of my favorite live performers for a few years now, so I was thrilled to find out that he would be playing a free show in Copley Square in Boston to promote his brand new album, Some Mad Hope. Matt promised the crowd: “If you buy my record, things will change for you.” Although his album material has always been enjoyable, his concerts are a completely different experience; he is as much of a seasoned stand-up comedian as he is a talented guitarist and vocalist. Normally, his sense of humor is pretty raunchy, but he was forced to tone down the vulgarity for this very public outdoor concert, as he pointed out during the show: “I’m very PG… it feels good.”

Since my humor can barely come close to the Matt Nathanson level, I’m not even going to try to joke around in this post. I’ll just borrow his humor in quote form.


Most of his songs were from Some Mad Hope, which has a completely different feel than most of his older albums, but he threw a few of his live staple songs in as well. Somewhere in the middle of the set, Matt and his band started playing a few notes of “Don’t Stop Believing,” and the audience took it upon themselves to start a full-blown Journey sing-along. The band kept playing, and as they got close to the chorus, Matt looked entirely surprised with himself and yelled out: “We’ve never gotten this far before!” The rest of the set included: 

“Car Crash”
“Lucky Boy”
”Come On Get Higher”
“Heartbreak World”
“To the Beat of Our Noisy Hearts”
“I Saw”
Detroit Waves”
“All We Are”

A typical example of Matt’s humor was displayed in his introduction to the simple, mellow, acoustic “Angel”: “This is our power ballad… are you familiar with 1983 to 1987? Some of you probably weren’t born yet, but if you were, you probably had some kind of mullet.” When he introduced one of his new ballads, “All We Are,” he made sure to note: “This is a positive song. I’ve got two of these.” Although most of his music has negative lyrics, he is always smiling and dancing around on stage. He’s an extremely energetic and engaging performer, which is why I’ve always loved going to his shows. His final song was his cover of “Laid,” which was “from a movie that I think won an Oscar – American Wedding.” 

As usual, he put on a passionate performance, sounded great, cracked more than a few jokes, and made it obvious that he loves what he’s doing. And as a native of Lexington, Massachusetts, he won over the Boston crowd not only with his charm, but by reminding them of his roots: “I live in San Francisco, but I’m still a Bostonian – I flip people off when I’m driving, I’m a Sox fan…”

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Sounds like this was a great show! I have heard a lot of good things about Matt but never heard any of his music. Guess I should take a listen ;]


this was a great show, and i liked the band after that as well, whoever that was, i can't remember.


Awesome reviews!


Same name...different profession...wish I could sing...sounded like a great event...and free, too


Another great review...keep them coming! Nice to get an overview of the bands since I don't get to many concerts.


Another great review...keep them coming! Nice to get an overview of the bands since I don't get to many concerts.


Nice work, Melissa! Pictures are great; writing is even better.


Great Show!! He's the man, got his new Cd!!


this blog just made me more upset that I forgot that he was playing and didn't make it down to boston for the show.


I need to grab that new CD, sweet that this show was free!!


i swung by copley sq and caught the last 5 songs. Matt is always great to see!


i'm glad he brought up the mullet situation during the 80s. do u think he'd still find it acceptable to have a mullet well into the 90s? i wish i couldve been there to see i saw! i'm jealous, sweet comments melissa


you're going to do great!


melissa is my favorite


i hope you winnnnnn


more comments will make buckley win!


i am 100% going to see matty boy with you in oct--ill save up a work week's paycheck just to see your husband. i might steal him.


i know you love this musician, so im glad you got to see him. great review!


aren't you pretty much obsessed with this guys?? wooo did you get to meet him again

Brian Bergeron

I was at that show and it was a blast...I bought the new record AND it changed me!



Matt Nathanson is one of my all time favorites live!


cant believe all these pictures are with a camera phjone!! amazing!!


the new cd is incredible


I'm starting to get into Matt Nathanson and I loved reading this blog and looking at the pictures. Awesome job Melissa!


matt nathanson is awesome! glad you got to see him for free!!

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