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August 09, 2007

Moe/Leftover Salmon July 28 , 2007 Red Rocks Morrison Colorado

Leftover Jamming

As I am racing to Red Rocks after leaving Ozzfest, I get a call asking if I will be there in time to take the Backstage photo with the band and concert promoter. I tell them I am on my way but might not get there in time. I arrive 10 minutes late and just miss the shot. No worries, Leftover Salmon is about to take the stage. Leftover Salmon has just reunited after taking a short break , they had been a mainstay on the local colorado music scene for years. When they walk on stage they get the loudest reception of any of the bands that have played Red Rocks all season (so far). Pretty impressive considering that the venue is not full yet.
They play a mix of bluegrass, jam band and jazz or as they like to call it Poly Ethnic Cajun Slamgrass. They absoulutley own the stage and everyone's attention is on them. They comment on the beautiful sunset and make jokes as they play a mixture of songs and styles. Scramble Campbell a local painter , documents the show during the set and holds up his painting at the end of the set. Leftover Salmon makes me re-evaluate that fact that I am not a Bluegrass fan . I modify it so that live Bluegrass is cool, but listening to it on the radio/stero is not cool, it just doesn't have the same effect.

Next up is MOE a band I know nothing about , but my favorite dance partner told me she saw them once and thought they were great. I say " That's good enough for me" , I usually turn her on to new bands , so it was nice for a change to have her turn me on to one . They open with a song called " To Fucking High" , the place expoldes , it is amazing I like them already! They have a great light show , but horrible to take pictures of . I pack up my camera gear , keep the camera phone on hand , grab a beer and get ready to check out the show. The Music is great , they play a song called " 31 Things" they do a version of the SpongeBob Square Pants theme and get the audience to sing along. But the highpoint of the set was an amazing version of " Hava Nagila" which ended in a fast paced punk rock frenzy. They had everyone dancing and singing to the traditional Jewish song. It was so Random , but so good! For their encore they did a version of the Steely Dan song " Reeling in the Years" as the Full Moon rose over Red Rocks. It was an amazing night , probably the best show I have seen all year since Iggy Pop at the Fillmore. Definitly the best show at Red Rocks this season (so far). I made the right choice by heading to Red Rocks and skipping the rest of Ozzfest. A night a Red Rocks is better that a night at any other venue! I live by this and it has not disappointed me yet.

Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon

Scramble Campbell

Leftover Salmon at Night

Red Rocks During MOE's set

Too Fucking High!

Moe Playing " Hava Nagila"

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so glad you liked moe at your first show. just to clarify some songs names for you, in case you want to look them up at some point.

the too fucking high song is called planecrash. the havah nagelia goes into a song called long island girls both are very rarely played. 31 things in actually 32 things and Al at his finest IMHO. if you have any questions about lyrics and songs check out www.moelinks.com

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