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August 02, 2007

Rooney, Everybody Else, Big City Rock @ The Glasshouse 7/29, Pomona, CA

The day after Projekt Revolution, I was beat… but that didn't stop me from seeing my boys in Rooney perform at the Glasshouse in Pomona! It did however stop me from going to work the day after that, because you know… I like sleeping. Anyways, the boys in Rooney brought along two other native Los Angeles bands Big City Rock and Everybody Else along for the ride and thanks to some of my show buddies who saved me a spot in line, I was right up front for all the action.


First up was Big City Rock. Yeah, I'll be honest… the only thing I know about this band is that Jeff Conrad from Phantom Planet used to be their drummer. Based on that fact alone I expected them to be awesome… and well, they were. Honestly, I think I liked the fact that the band had this almost Killers vibe with the keyboards yet lead singer Nate Bott still had this real smooth but not glammed up voice which would totally separate them from acts like the Killers. Now it kind of sucked that I had no clue what the words to any of the songs were but then they played a cover of the classic "Black Betty" (their version of the song appeared on the TMNT soundtrack) and I was pretty much sold right then and there. It was so high energy and just so fun, you couldn't help but clap and sing along to it…. Or at least attempt to sing along with it (please, like YOU know all the words to that song! ;p)




Next up was the trio of Everybody Else. I had seen them live before back in May and prior to that I had heard a few demos by them back during my senior year of high school. This would actually be the first time I actually paid attention, though. Lead singer Carrick Gerety was suffering from a sore throat, but it didn't take away from the quality of his vocals, even though he'd complain about it. Watching them perform though… I started to realize why I hadn't gone out to check out their stuff after the first time I saw them: They're too damn cute. No, I'm not even joking. They all had matching haircuts and the same girl skinny jeans on and it was so adorable that it was distracting. Towards the end of the set after repeatedly asking the audience to sing louder to make up for Carrick's throat problems, Carrick announced that he was afraid they'd have to cut the set a little short. The audience booed at the thought but then the band came up with the idea to get a bunch of kids on stage to sing one last song. So they handpicked kids out of the audience and they all jumped onstage to sing the last song, which I believe was called "Makeup." It was quite a sight to see and the fans onstage looked like they were having a blast onstage.


Finally Rooney took the stage starting off with "Calling The World," the same track that starts off their new album. Right after that they went right into fan favorite "Blueside" which really got the audience going. I'll admit it, I was able to sneak a peak at their set list from where I was standing and I was really really sad they weren't going to play "Sorry Sorry" which albeit cheesy, is still my favorite Rooney song. They did however play "Stay Away," which is my second favorite Rooney song and since I've only heard it live acoustic, it was awesome getting to hear it live and plugged in.




My favorite thing about Rooney's live show, as I stated in my last Rooney review, is guitarist Taylor Locke. My friend told me Lou Reed taught him how to play guitar which prompted my response of "I hate rich people" (I don't though, especially if they're my friends). I believe it though, as once again his guitar solos stole the show. I still just wish that he'd come out center stage and steal some of the attention away from lead singer Robert Schwartzman, as Taylor can do some major damage with a guitar in hand. Oh, and I still wish he'd smile a bit more too. ;)



The band blasted through songs like "Daisy Duke," "Tell Me Soon," "Up To Me" (which required major crowd participation), and of course, "Are You Afraid" which as I said in my last Rooney review is my least favorite song on the new album... but they do a pretty good job with it live. I must admit that I got a good laugh when Robert changed up the lyrics to the song "I Should Have Been After You" to where instead of singing "I know it looks bad cuz I've kissed all your girlfriends" to "I know it looks bad cuz I've f@!ked all your girlfriends." I'm just all for cursing at shows, especially since the last Rooney show was actually being filmed for a DirectTV special (I don't think I noted that though...) so they had to be on their best behavior. At the Glasshouse though, there was more crowd interaction, more cursing (yay!) and more of Robert asking the crowd to strip since it was so damn hot (which would prompt the response of "No you strip!" from the fangirls in the audience).




They boys ended their set with the crowd pleaser "Shakin'" and of course the audience knew it wasn't over. So after they walked off stage and the crowd screamed and clapped, the boys walked back on stage and Robert goes "We forgot one, didn't we?" At that point the boys went right into their single "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?" after that, they played two more songs and closed with "Simply Because." It was such a great show and I'm pretty sure that not one person in the pit walked out of the venue without looking like complete crap because of how hot and how crazy it got in there. I had a friend who was standing in the back and when I went to go say bye to her she was just like "Don't hug me you're sweating like crazy!" but I hugged her anyways, sorry Roxanna.

Set list:
"Calling The World"
"Stay Away"
"Are You Afraid"
"Daisy Duke"
"Love me or Leave Me"
"All In Your Head"
"Up to Me"
"Believe in Me"
"I Should Have Been After You"
"Tell Me Soon"
"Don't Come Around Again"

"When Did Your Heart Go Missing?"
(I forgot the second encore song they played because I suck. sorry.)
"Simply Because"

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Amazing review!!!! I felt like i was there again! You make these reviews so personal, and i really like that! it adds a little something extra to it!!!


Freakin Uber awesome review i felt like i twas there lucky you assmunk!!!


Great pictures and review, dude! I actually love Big City Rock; I saw October Fall open for them last year, and liked them so much I went to get their album. Hee! This show sounds like it was a blast.


yayyyy you liked BCR!



these pics are really great! i've never heard of Big City Rock, but now i'll have to check them out 'cause i like the Killers, so if they sound like them...i'll probably like their stuff too!


you are right on with that last comment, a very sweaty crowd left the glasshouse that night! Good times!


now i wish i could've gone to see them. great pics and great coverage as usual! i like how it feels like you're telling it to your friends! :D


I really, really loved the pictures in this review! It sounds like a ton of fun, and I really feel like I should check out Big City Rock too because I love the Killers! Great review, per usual. :D


Great review as always! :)


That was an excellent review. I really wish I could have gone to this show based on how you described everything.


I agree that Taylor Locke is incredible on the guitar...but stealing the show??? I don't know, Robert Schwartzman steals my heart 'live' in performance...he interacts so well with the crowd. I think they are both great out front, making them a great band. Great review...thanks. :)

Krysten Kabzenell

Yeah, you've definitely got your priorities down straight. I'm right there with you in saying going to shows and staying out late is way more important than waking up early to go to work.
I've never heard Big City Rock before, but from your in-depth description I now have a very good idea of thier sound; thanks for that!
The boys in Everybosy Else look pretty dang good, haha.
And of course, awesome job on capturing the amazing-ness that is Rooney in both words and photos.
Great job!


ROOONEY! yeah!!!!! wew!!!!


Wow great pictures! You are SOOOOO lucky! :)


its ok the sweat came off
and good decription
helps remember the concert better


I LOOVE Rooney!!
The show looked amazing and I wish I could be there!!


The cool thing about Big City Rock is even though they might sound like the Killers, I've seen them back when Jeff Conrad was in the band, and they sounded like this before anyone knew who the Killers were. They are not a knock-off, the are the real deal.

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