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September 16, 2007

Carmen and Camille @ S.I.R. Studios, NYC

Those of you still recovering from last week's MTV Video Award’s Britney Bomb need not fear any longer. The future of the world’s existence, and more importantly its potential to produce worthwhile pop princesses, is secure. Enter onto the music scene Carmen and Camille, 22-year old twin sisters from Vancouver who have been singing and playing music together since they were 5-years old. Key phrase there: “playing music.” These girls, sort of channeling Stevie Nicks with their long blonde hair, all black attire and hanging silk scarves, are as much talented instrumentalists as they are singers. Camille serves as vocalists, guitarist and songwriter while sis Carmen adds harmonizing vocals, flute and sometimes tambourine. The twin team has hit the hottest spots throughout Canada, sung their way through Budapest, Australia and the Caribbean, and recently starred as one of the only female fronted, non-metal acts at Locobazooka up in Mass.



Not having time to do a ton of research before seeing the girls live, I had no idea what to expect. However, at least knowing that Carmen and Camille recently made the cut as one of Billboard’s featured artists assuaged any doubts I might have had that I was being sent in to cover an overly flowery teeny-bopper act. This was by far the most unique “show” I’ve seen all summer. It’s not often you get to shmooze over pastries with industry insiders and record label reps while enjoying a private performance in a NYC recording studio…unless of course you’re “working” for Billboard, that is. As an indie act, Carmen and Camille put on an eight-song, 45 minute showcase at S.I.R. studios for about “a dozen key people” (Was I one of those people??). Despite the fact that they were playing for an audience slightly tamer than the one they entertained at last week’s New England Loco Fest (headlined by Heaven and Hell and Alice Cooper, just to name of few…if that gives you an idea), the girls still rocked out and gave us their all. When they came over after their show and asked if it was “weird for us” to see a performance in such an intimate setting, we all responded by saying we felt uncomfortable for them…having to tear it up for a handful of sitting ducks. The super sweet duo proved to already be well-polished, seeming to understand that these non-concert shows come with the territory of trying to get signed…a feat I doubt will be too difficult for them to overcome as they continue to get more buzz.


C&C is a totally refreshing, welcome addition to the world of radio friendly pop/rock music. These girls are legit singers, songwriters and musicians who have yet to cross the line between widely appealing catchy music and overly manufactured bubble gum pop. Major props to the fact that they play instruments and write music themselves, as well as have a full rock band backing them, including drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. Thanking us profusely for coming and taking the time to chat with us after their performance (as did their band mates as well) only added to their charm…and the fact that they are two adorable blondes I’m sure won’t hurt either. Hopefully they’ll maintain their down-to-earth graciousness when they hit it big, which will surely be sooner than later. The 3rd tune they played for us, “I Will Never” is set to appear on MTV’s The Hills this Monday, 9/17, and their first single “Lose My Voice” has already been videophied on MTV. My (and Carmen’s) favorite of the set was “Fantasy,” a march-like song that probably has the most rock influence in it.


Even treating us to an encore, the girls ended their short set with the ballad "To Believe" that really showed off how beautiful their voices are both individually and as a harmonizing vocal team. I think that if artists sound great live, with out the enhancements of studio re-mixing, it's a true testament to their talents. And how can you not love 2 frontwomen who hug and kiss one another upon finishing up their performance. You go girls!



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Your color commentary is supurb!!!!But, I think I am going into competion with you...I went to see...are you ready for this.....hold on.....Hansen..at the Sonar venue in Baltimore. I really needed you there to tell me what was goin' down. Don't know who the two bands were warming up for them...but give me a break...i think i need hearing aids. Keep up the good work.


Never heard of Carmen and Camille, but how can you go wrong with TWINS!
Loved your commentary and will keep an open eye out for the twins.
mama loves you!!!

amanda walk

you are the music queen. i like the twins and want to hear their tunes.


Nice review.


Megan Ross

Thank you for restoring my faith in the younger music generation!

Aj Vallee

Leslie, Well done! You have a wonderful writing style. Thank you for your kind words and efforts. Best to you and yours.

-Aj + C&C Band


I like the sarcasm and humor you used and would download the songs.^_^


You were complex with your writing. It was interesting to hear about these singers. You used, sarcasm, made it a little flowery,with humor...by the way, i love your writing.


love the humor in the blog keep my attention


All I can say is that Carmen and Camille have a new fan in me because of your awesome blog.

ROCK ON!!!!!

Michael R

Sounds like the sort of thing I'd like to listen to. I'm goin' to have to start tunin' in to MTV. I'm told it's never too late.

idnar nomis

Another band to check out cause of you.
Thanks for the great write up.


Who doesn't love twins. They sound great. Will check them out. Great review.


I think I have heard of these girls before...from my Canadian friends. Since you gave them your stamp of approval I think they aer worth checking out now. Thanks!


Great review! Rock On!


Rock on! Great review once again.

Howard Meiner

Twins! Girls! Blondes! Music! Nice write up, as usual.


The Olson twins! But much more talented. I just bought their cd. Fantastic!

Mike G (Guitarist/Carmen and Camille)

Hey Leslie,
great meeting you in NY, thanks for the positive feedback and kind words, it means alot....Keep Rockin!!!

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