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September 06, 2007

June @ Chicago, IL House of Blues 8/17

Sorry for this update being 2 weeks too late. i just got to school 2 weeks ago and have had no time to do updates as of late. so 2 weeks ago, i got the pleasure of going to the june/the graduate/the higher concert at house of blues. this show was a show i was looking forward too because i love going to june shows to hang out with those guys. so i get there 30 mins before the show and i go to the will call box and they look through their list and they say im not on the list. now this is the first time that this has happend to me, while doing mobile beat. so i start calling people and finally run into their manager, lucas, and he worked everything out for me. so, after i solved that problem, doors opened up and i headed on over to the merch area to hang out with their merch guy, coop there it is. over the period of the show i helped him out at the merch area and hung out with him. i met some sweet people with doing merch, like kate, a fellow chicago mobile beatter. i also checked out some of the bands that were performing. im not a big fan of driver side impact or 2 sweet, so i didnt really watch them, minus a few songs.

once the graduate came on, u guys know, i had to watch them. they did their usual performance, starting with "interlude" and ending with "the formula", but this show they seemed to have more energy and this performance was probably the best ive seen all summer from them. corey seemed to have loved the energy coming from the fans at this show, even saying that this was probably his favorite chicago show theyve played. as ive been pushing all summer long, if this band ever comes through your town you must check them out.

next was the higher. a up and coming band from las vegas, they are very reminisent of every other band coming out of that town. they seem to be a mixture of panic and the cab. i wasnt able to catch a lot of their set, but i did get to witness them playing akon's "dont matter" and then play r.kelly's "ignition (remix)". i did find out thought that the higher are rockstars in japan. they beat out rihanna's "umbrella" to become #1 on trl in japan. congrads.

finally the show ended with june coming on. this being their cd release show, i was a little excited to see them perform their new songs live. they opened up their set with the song "no time for sense". tim started to sing with the house lights down for the intro of the song and when the drums kicked in, the house lights just blasted. their set consisted of some old songs and a lot of new songs off their lastest cd "make it blur". they were able to perfect their new songs as a band because of practice time between the release of the cd and this tour, while most bands are still touring when their cd is released. they played my favorite songs of "make it blur", "i'd lose myself" and "closer", both solid songs. during their set they also covered the song of the summer, "rehab" by amy winehouse. much like everyone covered "crazy" last summer, this summer it seems to be all about the "rehab". they finally finished off their set and walked off, but coming from chicago and the chicago crowd wanting more, they came back out for an encore. now i know that every band does "encores" these days, but june is one of those bands i rearly see do an encore and so if they do one, it's pretty exciting.

after the show, i helped coop out with merch, until house of blues closed. then i tried to figure out what everyone was doing. there was an after party going on in the foundation room of house of blues, but it was 21+ and i didnt want to spend a ton of money of booze that night, so i decided to call it a early night because i had to get up early the next morning to head on out to school. so now im at school, and this entries a long time overdue, but i will try and update more often and frequently.

+hanging out with everyone

+meeting new people

+house of blues venue

-parking in lincoln park and taking the EL to house of blues

-being tired

-guest list problems 0817072210 0817072205 0817072208a 0817072206

and for all you mark palacz lovers.... 0817072317

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