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September 17, 2007

Pre-Emmy Celebration at Opera and Crimson in Hollywood, CA. September 15, 2007.

I believe Confucius once said, "If you're going to go out, go out big with an Emmy party." While I attribute much of what has been a pretty unbelievable summer to being a part of this dark corner (really, the colors are dark) of Billboard.com, LG has also been such a huge part of this whole experience as well. From providing the bloggers with phones and random LG goodies inside our stylish Billboard backpacks (which I take to the beach with me in hopes of attracting women while I deliberately walk backwards and make declarative, minor lies like, "I MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!!") to giving us this opportunity to share our experiences with a tiny slice of the online world, I am beyond grateful to everyone I've interacted with at LG and at Billboard for inspiring me to make the most of this summer. While the Billboard name has helped me out tremendously this summer, it was LG that gave me the opportunity to hang out in the outdoor LG lounge while I rubbed elbows with some of my favorite Hollywood stars at a pre-Emmy party on Saturday night.


After spending more money in a couple hours than I allow myself to spend in a normal week to create an acceptable hipster outfit for the night, I couldn't believe that I was actually handing my car over to a valet so that I could attend the Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party. Over the course of the past few months, I've worked the red carpet at the American Idol finale, met Carrie Underwood, seen Marie' Digby perform twice, been published on the snazzy Billboard Mobile Beat Concert Blog, attended a So You Think You Can Dance taping, attended nineteen separate shows (twenty by Monday), and now I was attending an official pre-Emmy party that was much more than me sitting on the floor eating Cap'n Crunch out the box before the television award show started. Honestly, so much of it has been a blur, but what a way to go out (though I am going to the Justin Timberlake concert tomorrow and will probably blog about it out of habit).

With music ranging from Top 40 to hip-hop spinning all night, the party was not only open bar, but was decked out with booths for sponsors LG, Dove chocolate, and Revlon. Right off the red carpet, the many stars from the cast of Ugly Betty made a cozy home inside a booth. Around the corner, the crew from Extra was interviewing stars throughout the night.


Initially, the party was concentrated indoors, as celebrities from Vanessa Williams, to Kevin Sorbo, to Anthony Anderson were interacting with friends around the venue. Eventually, with the DJ providing music that kept energy levels high throughout the night, most of the party moved outside to the LG lounge area outside the club.


The LG lounge area had a pretty cool set up with comfortable couches and lamps that were covered in cell phones. LG phones lined the tables and people could actually use units to make phone calls and send text messages if they wanted to (would have loved to have seen some of the anonymous messages that might have been sent that night). People seemed to like the phones so much that they even mysteriously disappeared as the night went on! Beyond the open bar and some of the hottest bartenders in the history of mankind (when every bartender resembles Carmen Electra, Jamie Pressly, Jessica Alba, or Taylor Swift, you could be drinking sweat from your worst enemy's unmentionables after they ran a marathon and you'd still thank them for making you such a great drink), one of the coolest parts of the outdoor area was the set up of televisions on the wall (I need to get me one of 'dem there TVs on the wall). With a feed that switched from cameras inside the club to shots outside on the red carpet, everyone could see who was making their way down the red carpet before they made it to the club. Maybe it wasn't all that fascinating for the well-dressed stars, but for someone who loves celebrities as much as I, it was pretty cool!

So yes, Dove had free chocolate and Revlon had free makeup things (ok so I took one and have beautiful, voluminous eyelashes without clumps right now... kidding... maybe...), but the LG lounge was definitely the place to be on Saturday night. Celebrities like Eric Dane (Dr. McSteamy), Kate Walsh and Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy, Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives, and even John Stamos were just some of the many celebrities that made the LG lounge the place to be on Saturday night. While I never sat on the actual couch, I sat on the armrest while meeting the guys from Grey's Anatomy, which instantly made me feel like my manhood had tripled in size to that of a properly endowed man. It was only a feeling, but it was a good feeling... in my pants.


Inside, people were getting down to songs like Britney's new single "Gimme More," which I'm not afraid to say that I really like (though I also have numerous DVD box sets of Laguna Beach and The Hills, which I'm also not afraid to say that I really like...so take that as you may). Masi Oka from Heroes and his castmates got down on the dance floor for a bit and Heidi Klum enjoyed the music while she chatted it up with some friends by the bar. Really, just seeing all this made me feel like I accidentally in somebody else's dream, as I wouldn't even be able to imagine something like this. The other night, I had a "crazy" dream where I was in New York with my friend Mariana, who lives in New York. What did we do in this "crazy" dream? We went to dinner and talked. Clearly, being at an Emmy Party was the equivalent of me brushing my teeth with the juice from a ten year old baggie of mushrooms before deciding to go to sleep listening to children's songs sung by prison inmates a la Maurice Clarrett.


I got to meet Miss J from America's Next Top Model (eee! That was exciting. He was incredibly tall and incredibly fabulous *does his best catwalk strut around his room before awkwardly shutting his blinds so the apartment next door will stop looking at him just looking fierce in his feather boa*), T.R. Knight from Grey's Anatomy along with the aforementioned Grey's Anatomy cast members, Eric Mabius and Michael Urie from Ugly Betty, and Masi Oka for the second time as well! (He spoke at one of my classes last year). All of them were incredibly kind and even took the time to strike up conversations with me, a kid who just watches all of them on DVR with a bucket of ice cream in his lap, a hand in a big bag of Chex Mix, while reading Teen Vogue and cursing my cellulite ridden legs. It was unreal and it was such a surprise to me that they were all so overwhelmingly kind to me and even said hi to me when we crossed paths throughout the night.


As great as it was to meet so many of my favorite stars, it was just that much more surreal to just see so many of them hanging out and having a great time, like normal people! I got to roam around free, small talk with some really nice people from all walks of life, all while seeing Jamie Pressly joke around with friends and Andrea Bowen from Desperate Housewives dancing to the beat of the music while she walked around the club with friends. Padma Lakshmi from Bravo looked unbelievable, as did Olivia Wilde from The OC (and now House M.D.), who I would have loved to have spoken to, but I was much too intimidated by how pretty she looked.

I could talk about all the unreal things that happened to me all night until my keyboard gives up the ghost, but because I don't want Billboard to have to pay for more server space from my overwhelming amount of text, I'll cut myself off. While I don't want to say that this will be the one and only time that I'll get to do something like this just yet because I hope I get to this point again at some point in life, I can definitely say that it was another life experience courtesy of this summer that I'll never ever forget. I'm so grateful to LG and Billboard for letting me not only experience Saturday night, but so much of what has been this past summer for me.

At the beginning of this whole experience, I was in a bit of a tough place. I was more than struggling at my new job (in my opinion), my car had just gotten stolen, and I was already working two jobs to help cover an unexpected car payment. I didn't know as much about music compared to some of my fellow bloggers, but I knew that I really loved blogging and that it was a ton of fun for me to do it. A little over two months later, I will have been to twenty shows in the Summer of 2007 by Monday night and I've loved it all. Something about that is both ridiculous and something that I'm really proud of at the same time. It has been an experience in itself to share my experiences with this small island of the Internet.

While I'll be one of the first to admit that I have more than questionable taste in music for a guy my age, this summer gave me the opportunity to check out a lot of concerts that I otherwise never would have seen. While I went to many a show on my own desire and own dime, I think that overall, this experience really showed me how much I absolutely love to take in live music. From taking in your favorite superstar artist to getting excited about an artist on the rise, there's nothing like it in the world. Above all else, I'll never forget this incredible opportunity.


Thank you to Billboard. Thank you to LG. It has been an absolute blast.

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I will miss your concert blogs, they were so good. Glad you got to meet and take pics with more famous people. Your collection is huge now!


Oh the advantages of living in LA.


YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Congrats on having such a great experience and for being so damn good at what you do. Where do I send in my resume to be your wingman??


dave, i got to say, of all the blogs ive read this summer from you, this i feel like was one of the best ones that i read. Esp. because you made a capt'n crunch refrence! Let me know about the wingman position, ill send my resume too! with pictures attached obviously, for faster processing....


Man, I wished i had been there at the pre emmy party as well... hehehe would have grabbed one of these phones as well as the free makeup.


i can't imagine what it's like NOT to get star struck. sounds like an unbelievable night!


Um, awesome. You are amazing for being able to be there and experience that! I saw your picture mail from the JT concert with Timbaland and can't wait to read the details!!




wingwoman has been mia but i am back and loving your bloggerific celeb-worthy writing!

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