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February 10, 2008

1:48pm More 'Idols' in the House: Ace Young

148aceyoung1billboardHe's here with fellow American Idol contestant Daughtry and is up for a writing award for ''It's Not Over." Ace sang a few bars and spoke really highly of Chris and the experience of writing the song. He said that he's a big fan of Beyonce and all the hip hop artists in attendance tonight.

And now that we have a few minutes to breathe, I'm learning that so much of the photography for this event is all about looking ahead. I'm teaming up with about four different other journalists to try and spot who is coming down the red carpet. It gets frantic, but it's a lot of fun.

We're about halfway through arrivals and I'm hearing that we're going to get an avalanche of the biggest names as it gets closer to the the show. A very pregnant Melissa Joan Hart just walked by, but promised that she would be coming back.

This is organized madness of the best kind right now and we still have hours until showtime. Apparently this is an extremely long arrivals session, so people are getting a little restless, but I'm more than hanging in thusfar!


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ah the link to the pics doesnt work! i think its just the extra letter at the end of the address so if you just delete that the address works


We fixed that link fixed now! thx Robbie.

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