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February 10, 2008

The View From My Spot in Line

Emptyredcarpet2_2I'm noticing that the guy who told me all media would be dressed in Black Tie attire was slightly wrong as some people have t-shirts and Hawaiian shirts on. I kind of look like a concierge, but I feel like I should be carrying some of these peoples' bags.

I do look pretty fly though, but that doesnt make up for me tripping over a step in front of a huge crowd of people seated at the end of the red carpet. I almost ate it on the red carpet! It would have been a glorious moment in my life's history, next to me peeing my pants before my 3rd grade tee ball photo.

I'm sharing my space with three print publications, four of us total, which is intense when you realize that the space is only 3 feet wide! All of us are really relieved that the red carpet is inside today because it's really hot! There are some pretty amazing decorations all around and everyone has been pretty kind so far. I know this will turn crazy in a few, but I'm loving all the frantic confusion.

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