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February 10, 2008

During the Ceremony...

Alicia Keys played the "Blues" with Sinatra, Obama beat Clinton (and Carter too for that matter), and Kanye and Amy W. scored trophys too. Billboard.com's news page has the latest on all the winners, losers, duets, surprises and more.

While we're at it, here's a handy link to the whirlwind of Grammys Redcarpetry we just survived.

And another jump to the extended red carpet photo gallery.

More photos and goodies coming up.

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Dave, I've had the flu all weekend so I've been sort of out of it, but I checked my work email yesterday and had forgotten about your freaking cool Grammy experience! It must have been fun! I will need ALL the details of course! ha ha! Great pics--you must have been freaking out! Fun to see some Idols in there too, even if I'm morally against Fantasia's new 'do. And how HOT was Carrie U's performance!? She was phenomenal--did you end up catching her after all?

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