Allie DeLegge
Washington DC

• I am a one-woman cupcake factory.
• I speak fluent German.
• I once had “Final Countdown” by Europe stuck in my head for two months. After awhile, so did all of my friends.
• I am a supreme instigator.
• I am a published poet.
• I collect robots.
• I laugh loud and sing even louder.
• I daydream about one day fronting my own band but cannot, for the life of me, play the guitar.
• I once saw John Krasinski at a Ben Gibbard concert and against my better judgment, started screaming like a 13-year-old about it.
• I have a penchant for color change straws and pens that light up.
• I remind myself of the kind of person I wanted to be when I grew up.
• I get really excited about little things.
• I do what is called an “Allie hop” when that mood strikes me.
• I am fond of Anthony Bourdain, Steve Perry, and Brandon Boyd.
• I have constant cravings for fancy coffee drinks, gummi bears and Mexican food, but usually not all at once.
• I have a distinct taste in music, but I cannot verbally define it.


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