Dave Chung
Los Angeles

Hi all. It goes without saying that I'm beyond excited to be part of the Billboard/LG Mobile Beat this summer. I recently completed a dual degree Bachelor's/Master's program in Communication at the University of Southern California, where I had a weekly column in the school newspaper. I worked for the USC football team throughout college (just look for the head that was a foot shorter than the rest) and wrote features for WeAreSC.com as well.

While most of my energy nowadays goes to my job in the "real world," I am an avid blogger (DaveChung.com), and my website manages to permeate nearly all other parts of my life. I take spontaneous road trips, log hours at the beach, watch free movies (ah company perks…), explore a new L.A. area restaurant every week, and of course, I attend concerts!

My favorite show in my 23 years has been Boyz II Men. I think my music tastes are so varied that it's difficult for anyone to completely bash my CD collection. From the teeniest of boppers, to the hardest of rockers (to an extent), to the twangiest (is that a word?) of country slow jams, good music is good music. I'm unafraid of rocking out to any genre at the stoplights on my way to work (I may turn the volume down if we're listening to a musical soundtrack and it's a dialogue part…that gets awkward).

I claim the Boston area as my home, but I vow to "do work" and represent my new home, Los Angeles, throughout the summer!


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