Jon Pierre

I’m a college radio alumnus who recently graduated from Temple University. I currently work as a marketing/promotions manager in the music industry, and run my very own online mag featuring up-and-coming talent. I also have a secret passion for ironing.

What can I say about music but that I love it?! I’m discovering new music almost every day. If it moves me, it moves me. Other than that, I am many things: writer, graphic artist, dancer, and CVS coupon collector (my favorite being $5 off a $30 purchase). On a more relevant note, I've gone to more and more live shows in recent years and seen everything from local Philly acts to arena entertainers. The performer I most want to see, but haven't, is Janet Jackson. The greatest concert I did see was Nas in Central Park in 2004. My greatest concert moment was when Destiny’s Child, picking male audience members to be ‘catered to’ on stage, passed on me because Michelle insisted on “a man with plenty meat on his bones.” I’m many things, but that I am not.


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