Jubal Thompson

Me? I'm sort of a gypsy. I haven't ever lived in any particular place long enough to be from anywhere in particular. I did spend some of my upbringing outside of Nashville in a little town called Hendersonville. Even in that little town, I went to seven different schools. Later, I moved out west to Tucson for a few years where I ultimately graduated from the University of Arizona. I also lived in Los Angeles for a while. Two years too long actually. Nope, it wasn't my favorite. I've also lived in Santa Fe. San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC, and for five years, Austin. Now, I hang out in the high country; the Boulder bubble. As in Boulder, Colorado.

The music scene here rocks. There is lots of world music, lots of every kind of music. Coming here from Austin, which is quite a music town, I was impressed at the magnitude of Boulder's music scene and people's support of it. We've got the Fox Theater and the Boulder Theater. Red Rocks is half an hour south and Denver is twenty-five minutes away and has all that any major metropolis has to offer. God, this is starting to some like some chamber of commerce ad.

I am a professional musician. I play guitar, bass, drums, a little keys, a little harmonica, and I sing and write my own music as well. I couldn't really say what my "genre" is other than that I am influenced by everything I hear in at least some way. You can hear some of my music at http://cuezonerecords.com/jubal/

I dig the blues. I'm keen on jazz, dig? I rrrrrrrrrreally like reggae and 60's Jamaican music. I have a few bands; a roots reggae jam-band called the Rude Boys; an improvisational project entitled Lucid Alouishes; (pronounced loo-sid al-uh-wish-iss. c'mon say it with me aloud, "loo-sid al-uh-wish-iss.") I also play solo and with a duo sometimes. I write for Boulder's Marquee magazine" under a pseudonym.

I'm a pretty happy guy. I'm a pretty lucky guy. I like my life. It's an odd thing that I don't hear too many people saying that these days. I really try to savor each moment of every day. They say "everything in moderation." Well I am a firm believer in and practitioner of another phrase: "A little excess in moderation is good for the soul." I'm kinda like "The Dude" only motivated, and more often sober.

Yeah, so that's about it. That's about all I should say for sake of not incriminating myself, dig? It's probably more than enough, eh?


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