Leslie Lehrman
New York

I'm a music-loving girl living in the capital of the world. I teach English in a large urban high school in NYC, and I love my job! My favorite activity is going to concerts, and when I'm at a show, there's nowhere else I'd rather be. I've been a loyal Dave Matthews Band follower since college (no, I haven't outgrown them yet!), but I love catching any great live act, especially jam bands.
When I'm not grading papers or preparing lesson plans, you can find me on the tennis court, at the gym or heading for the slopes. I think Jack Bauer is the man, John Locke is in the coffin, and Johnny Drama will beat up Vince at the box office.
Traveling is also a passion, whether it be visits to national parks and new cities with my hubby, or on road trips with friends. I love new adventures. Above all else, my family and friends are the biggest and best part of my life.


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