Lou dela Rosa
Los Angeles

• I was born in Glendale, CA, but I've lived in Malaysia, Indonesia, and for a seven-year stint in the Philippines until 2002.
• I’ve been a music lover for as long as I remember. I will admit that I sang along to: Bon Jovi and Madonna at the age of four or five; Dr. Dre and Cypress Hill at the age of eight or nine; Oasis and Blur at the age of 12 or 13; Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park at 16; Michelle Branch and John Mayer at 18; and in the last few years to all of those artists and a wide range of others from Franz Ferdinand to Fall Out Boy.
• The major influences in my life include many musically inclined relatives and my sister Feliz who was indie before the term “indie” ever existed.
• I have a wide range of taste in music and like to believe that I have no shame in these choices. Therefore, I have no “guilty pleasures”. Yes, I have Spice Girls albums in my music collection. You want to make something of it?
• I am a junior now at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Advertising. Although my career goals expand beyond the Advertising field, I’d love to have a marketing or managing position in the music industry. • My hobbies include going to shows, finding new bands/music online, and listening to new albums in my car while driving around. That is the litmus test to prove whether I’ll enjoy an album or not. And I’m not a huge video gamer, but I love to rock out on Guitar Hero. I’m barely starting to beat Expert mode now, so bring it on!
• My growing interests include learning the drums, which will be followed by learning how to play guitar and eventually selling both instruments after realizing that both are too *&!@#% hard and I have no coordination. Those who do, play, and those who don’t, review?
• Currently, I work for the Havoc Television show “Havoc on the 101” on DirecTV 101. The show is controlled by our viewers as they text in votes for what videos they want us to play. My job is to moderate the chat and votes.
• My most traumatizing music-related moment was when I was about eight. My cousin, who was a little younger, would dress up as Michael Jackson and Ashlee Simpson it up and family gatherings, specifically lip syncing the song “Black or White.” There is a rap breakdown in the middle of said song. What has two thumbs and performed the part with the bravado of an encore performance at Madison Square Garden? This guy.


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