August 29, 2007

Yonder Mountain String Band's Northwest String Summit 8/24-6

The Northwest String Summit is virtually Yonder Mountain String Band's summer camp spectacular. For three nights, bluegrass fans from around the country gathered in the beautiful Oregon countryside to dance and celebrate the best in bluegrass.
The Yonder boys played three nights of music that inspired their hard core fans. Y.M.S.B. may have headlined all 3 nights, but they were not alone. The New Riders of the Purple Sage may have held the surprise of the weekend, by inviting original member Buddy Cage on stage for a few tunes. It was an incredibly touching moment. Two other guests that helped make some musical magic were Drew Emmitt of Leftover Salmon fame and Tony Trischka, who each hosted their own set, and sat in picking all over the campground from the main stage to the famed Sunday barbeque. A major highlight of the weekend for me was the super jam hosted by Drew Emmitt. At times there were more than 15 people playing music, and the audience was extatic throughout.Yondermountainstringbandgershuny

August 10, 2007

8/7 Hilary Duff, Portland Ore.

I have to admit that I never envisioned myself in the front few rows of a Hillary Duff show. But my journalistic and sociological curiosity got the best of me, and the show was quite different than any my preconceptions. For one, I envisioned an innocent teenage icon, with hordes of screaming tweens singing back each lyric. Well, the screaming tweens were in full force, but I was surprised to find 20, 30 and 50 somethings singing along as well. As far as the innocent teen icon, she held the icon status, but the innocence may have gone the way of Lizzy McGuire. She was scantily dressed throughout the performance, and was doing suggestive dances to the rhythm with her entire dance crew. In all honesty, the show was entertaining. Hillary does have stage presence, and her backup band consists of solid musicians that played groovable music, but my eardrums are still recovering from the piercing screams while my own innocence may have taken a small hit along the way. Hilaryduffgershuny

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