August 28, 2007

Hilary Duff @ Radio City Music Hall, NYC 8/27

I arrived at Hilary's concert seeing throngs of young fans chanting her name. As soon as she hit the stage she had everyone in a trance. She looked just as glam as she does on tv and in mags. Her dancers were on point and the choreography was executed perfectly. The crowd sang along to her hits such as "Come Clean" and even vibed with the new songs from her latest album. She didn't go too far out there with her lyrics or movements but she still showed why she is one of the reigning princesses of pop. The screams speak for themselves.

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August 23, 2007

Screamfest '07 @ Madison Sq. Garden, NYC 8/22 w/ Ciara, T.I., Yung Joc, and Lloyd

The Scream Tour has been around, but this time the artists on the bill cater to a different type of audience. Ciara is the first female headliner and T.I. has a large male as well as female fan base. Lloyd, Yung Joc and T-Pain opened and did not disappoint. Diddy came out on Yung Joc's set and had the crowd goin' crazy. T-Pain sang all his hits and songs he was featured on and Lloyd brought his MJ-esque moves for the ladies. Ciara and TI, however, put on the best show. Her single was cool but it was her smooth dance moves that had everyone going crazy. T.I. had command of the stage from the time he entered til he left. The ladies lost their minds and he made sure he showed some skin when had them losing it even more. The revamped Scream Tour served the same purpoe as all the others. I left with a headache from all the screaming but it was a good show indeed.Angelafreemanscream2_2

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July 23, 2007

Cat Empire & Brazillian Girls, Summerstage NYC 7.22

I never heard of cat empire b4 so I came to Summerstage not knowing what to expect. I was hit with a whole bunch of musical influences ranging from salsa and meringue to calypso and soul. They repeated the phrase 'music is the language of soul' and they made the audience understand every note and word effortlessly.

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July 19, 2007

Scream tour press conference, 7/18/07 NYC

The press conference for the scream tour was cool. Yung Joc, Lloyd are so hyped about the tour and are letting people know that this is not a kiddie show! T.I and Ciara(the headliners) said they are gonna definitely hold it down for Atlanta and the south. Here are some pics:

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July 16, 2007

Jeremy James NYC 7.13

You should definitely be on the lookout for jeremy james. he is one of the new faces of rnb, a singer/songwriter/guitarist, he has a laid back yet soulful approach to his music. The audience was in awe during his whole set. He plays the guitar effortlessly and connected with the audience which was helped by the intimate setting. One of the songs he sang at the end called imagine stood out the most. It talks about issues concerning world affairs and was beautifully written. i can't imagine this man not becoming a success in the near future.Jeremyjames

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July 09, 2007

7.6: Mink @ Crash Mansion, NYC

mink was awesome! their whole set was damn near perfect. One minor glitch the drummer's snare.broke in the middle of a song. that slight interruption did not mess up the flow of the show. they killed it and it was definitely worth going temporarily deaf over lol


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July 06, 2007

7.3 The Fray, Cary Brothers @ Jones Beach, NY

Omg cary brothers rocks. And i have the best seats lolCarybrosfreeman

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