September 14, 2007

Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals: Chicago, IL 09.06.07

On the rainy night of September 6th, I had the pleasure of going to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals play at the historical Chicago Theatre. It may not be possible to not be in awe regardless of who is performing when you enter into the beautiful Chicago Theatre. However, Harper and the Innocent Criminals let the theatre be only a background to great show they put on that night.


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August 18, 2007

Lollapalooza August 4th-6th Chicago, IL

After attending my first at Grant Park in Chicago for its entire three-day span, let’s just say it has become my new favorite weekend of the year. My friends and I have decided that there needs to be a Lolla at least once a month. That would be amazing. The only minor downfall was that after spending three days running around in the blistering hot sun, I got pretty sick the week after and spent more time laying around than I like to. But I am still not complaining and would like to point out the fact that it was well worth it.

Jack's Mannequin

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August 04, 2007

Warped Tour Chicago, IL 07.28.07

2007 marks the fifth anniversary of my attendance at the .  It's weird to think that I still get excited about going to the same summer concert that I did when I was only 15, but ever since my first time, I have been hooked.  Warped is more than just a tour, I really think that it is growing more and more to represent a large subculture of our younger generation.  After spending a week on the tour last year with one of my best friends and a record label that we were interning with, I fell even more in love with it.  And after going this past Saturday, I thought to myself "why didn't I try to work the whole tour this summer?"  As an added bonus that you get to listen to countless bands playing fun music, it really is just a bunch of mostly 20-something year old kids hanging out and having a good time.  Why wouldn't I want to be a part of it?  Kevin Lyman, if you happen to read this, I'd really love to work for you next summer after I get my degree.  Anyway...

Me and my friend Caitie on stage during Bayside

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July 25, 2007

Sounds of the Underground @ Congress Theatre: Chicago, IL 07.23.07

Interestingly enough, as I ended my last blog entry with the idea that I was definitely ready for “some more METAL,” I didn’t have the upcoming show in mind. I did, however, get what I had hoped for! SOTU has been a nationwide tour since 2005 and although on a smaller scale, is almost a rival tour for . Despite 10+ hours consisting of 15+ metal, hardcore, and metalcore bands seeming like almost too much for anyone to handle, the 3000 capacity sold at least 2000 tickets, and for most people there, it was probably worth every penny of the $30 spent. 

Jfac_01 Job For A Cowboy

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July 18, 2007

Poison, Ratt, and Vains of Jenna in Tinley Park, IL 07.17.07

It has always been a curiosity of mine to see a heavy metal hair band live in concert, but until now, I have never been provoked to actually do so.  Although this is not music I listen to on a daily basis, I definitely enjoyed seeing the glam band Poison play live, and even recognized most of their songs... I'm not surprised considering they were at the peak of their popularity while I was growing up.  My most favorite part of going to a show that I wouldn't ordinarily attend is recognizing the crowd's enthusiasm and even fanaticism.  When you're a big fan yourself, you don't usually notice these things.  So let me tell you, there are more than a few HUGE poison fans out there.


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July 05, 2007

Social Distortion at Summer Fest, Milwaukee

Whether or not Summer Fest really is "the world's largest music festival," it has to be one of the most interesting.  On my way to watch the extremely influential punk band Social Distortion, I walked past stages blaring with music from every genre, including R&B singer Ne-Yo and even the popular 70's band Heart, where my parents were actually in the crowd watching.  How could you not appreciate a festival that celebrates musical variety?


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July 02, 2007

Jack's Mannequin Sets the Mood for Summer Fest 2007

Southern California heartthrob Andrew McMahon definitely ended the opening night of Milwaukee's annual Summer Fest on a good note... literally.  His incredibly melodic piano skills are unlike any of today's numerous piano rock bands, and for a full hour, Jack's Mannequin had everyone standing on bleachers and singing along into the late summer night. 


Being an avid Something Corporate fan throughout high school, I had no less than the highest expectations of a live performance from McMahon's new band, and I was definitely not disappointed.  After a long and serious battle with leukemia, it is more than impressive that he is still able to woo any crowd with his amazing talent and stage presence.  Perhaps his relaxed persona was due to a little alcohol, "don't mind the Jager, I'm a little nervous," but his flawless performance would never let you tell.

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