July 27, 2007

Boys Night Out Summer Tour West Palm Beach 7/19

Its hotter than hell itself, the walls are sweating, the sounds is bad, and its darker than a cave. All this can only mean one thing; you’re at Rays Downtown Blues in West Palm Beach. One of the few venues left in West Palm, you can tell Ray has not invested much money into fixing up the place. From the peeling paint, and lack of lights.

I am not here to talk about Ray’s though, that would be for a whole other review. What I am here to talk about is Boys Night Out’s summer tour, with Olympia and June, and what a damn good show it was. You just have to look past the terrible sound, and heat of Ray’s and just get sucked into the music. Once that first band takes the stage it rapidly reminds you why you came, and that, my good friends, is to rock out, and forget about every single care in the world you might have at the moment.

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July 18, 2007

311 Summer Tour 7.17.07

South Florida in the middle of summer is like a giant oven: its hot, and very humid. That didn’t stop the thousands of fans from coming out to the 311 summer tour featuring the English Beat, and Matisyahu. As fans headed though the front gates, English Beat took the stage. Its not that the English Beat were bad openers, but lets just say they didn’t exactly blow my mind. The band played a mix between reggae and ska, but lacked what most ska bands out there have: catchy tunes! The songs all sounded the same. Sure they were peppy and happy and made you want to get up and dance around, but there were no catchy lyrics and they put on a very dull stage show. If you're opening a show of this magnitude, you would think you might what to jazz it up just a bit. They say some bands need to break up and some need to give up. English Beat its time for you guys to give up, and call it quits.
Next up was one of two headliners, Matisyahu...

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July 12, 2007

7/11 As Tall As Lion's Summer Tour Review, Ft Lauderdale

Every music lover knows that going to a club show, is just like entering into a brand new world of music. It’s an experience like no other, its dark, smells like smoke, and your normally making friends with the people around you rather fast, because those are the people your going to spend the next few hours pressed up against. But! When the first note is played of the band you came to see, you know right there that it was all worth it!
Walking up to the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale Florida was no different. I stood in line, and watch as kids ran up as fast as they could to make sure they were right in the front to see it all. Now this show was not your normal indie rock show, no this was As Tall as Lions. If there is one band out there that can pick a very vast collection of opening acts it would be them. Four bands -- As Tall as Lions, The Snake the Cross the Crown, Casino, Band Marino-- took the stage this night, 3 were incredible, different, and really blew my mind. As for that last one well they were just average, but we will get more into that in just a bit.Astallaslionsa

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